2021-07-11 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v2.26 – New Core, Bootloader Unlock, and more

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released


Changed: Protocol updated (Raphael / Legacy)
Changed: MT6785 support fixed
Changed: MT6885 support fixed

Core: Protocol: FireFly activated
FireFly – Universal DownloadAgent that was created by Infinity Team to reach a new service level and provide advanced features

Current Supported SoC (initial release):

Support operations:

Identify: Device Info (Android), HWInfo with Full eMMC and EOL info
Format FS: Smart Reset, Extra, and all other modes are supported
MemoryTool: Allow execute ALL supported MemoryTool functions
*UPDATE! Read, Write (Binary, Sparse, Signed, Unsigned), Make FileSystems, Wipe, extra features
*UPDATE! Unlike MTK mode FireFly IS NOT rely on DA/Device security policy so there are no limits for different operations (No any Write / Erase issues)
Bootloader Unlock: Allow Unlock device Bootloader – WITHOUT touching UserData
*UPDATE! Bootloader unlock also allow unlock Brand-Specific cases (Xiaomi supported at the moment)


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Important! Make Backup before Flashing a different/Unkown Build Version.

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